Come Enchant My Life

Come enchant my life
as no one on this earth could do.
Come entwine my heart
with raptures just for me.
Precious memories may I hold,
but you never, ever, meant more to me.
Come give me all your love
to dwell deep within my soul.

My senses were besotted
when first I ever set eyes on you.
My life lived as a dream.
All my thoughts were but of you.
This worldliness I questioned
as your radiance, it encompassed me.
My greatest wish was realized
as I beheld your beauty in awe.

Your very presence alights
a fire that smoulders deep inside of me.
A glance, and I grow weak.
All my being belongs to you.
Your touch – a summer breeze
that warms, arouses, then envelops me.
A kiss, and all it brings.
A passion that is born anew.

Your glamour, your poise, your style.
And just the very thought of you.
You captivate my life.
It is all I can endure.
Come fulfil all my desires.
Embrace, caress, make love to me.
Come sooth this aching heart
laid bare for you and only you.

1992, October


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