Tea For Two

‘Well, it’s prime roast beef
and Yorkshire pud,
with brussels, collie and swede.
There’s roast potatoes,
dumplings too,
and it’s served at 6:03.’

‘But I don’t like…’
the big one cried.
‘Be quiet! Whose asking you?’
‘But I still don’t like these, these, these,
and your potatoes
and your dumplings too!’

‘I want dinosaur shapes.
I want some beans.
I want chicken nuggets too.
I want a drink,
red juice, not weak.
And I want to watch a video too!’

‘That’s enough! You sit there.
Lets lift you in here.
Put away those cars and trucks.’
‘But…’ ‘Don’t say a word,
Just sit on that chair
and don’t give me funny looks!’

So tea is served
and the little one claps
and shouts out ‘dum! dum! dee!’
But the big one stands
and exclaims aloud…
‘Put the light on.
I need a wee.’

‘I’ve eaten up!’
The big one proclaims.
‘Ridiculous! You hardly had a thing.’
‘But my tummy’s full
of these, these, these,
so I just want some ice cream.

The little one grins
and spins his dish.
Onto the floor it flips.
He points ‘doo! doo! dow!’
To his gravy stained brow,
offering a dumpling from his fist.

‘Where’s the big one gone?
What’s the little one done?’
Milk splattered everywhere.
‘Will someone come
and wipe my bum.’
Reverberates down the stairs.

1999, February


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