Happy Birthday

So, what’s so good
About forty five
That makes it great
To be alive?

Well, there ain’t no school.
No homework nights.
Endless exams.
No playground fights.

No teenage angst.
No spotty chins.
No tiresome parents
keeping you in.

No ‘tidy your room.’
‘Turn out the light.’
‘Where’ve you been till now?’
‘Who were you with last night?’

No first day at work.
No first date nerves.
No learning to drive.
No learning to flirt.

No hunting for homes.
No mortgage to pay.
No vicars in trainers
who have the last say.

There’s no giving birth.
No manhandling prams.
No changing nappies.
No needing four hands.

And there’s also me.
Nothing special, that’s true.
But who’s madly, deeply,
forever in love with you.

2002, January


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