You are the light,
the torch,
the beacon bright,
that illuminates all I can see.
You are the glowing orb,
the ball of fire,
a raging flame that burns in me.

You are the storm,
the tempest,
the whirlpool wild,
a tidal wave I cannot flee.
You are the force ten gale,
the hurricane,
that flings me a million leagues.

You are lightning,
a seismic fault,
the quaking earth beneath my feet.
You are a volcano,
the lava flow,
a tornado twisting down on me.

You are the sun,
the stars,
the universe,
a galaxy spiralling out of control.
You are Andromeda,
Orion, the Milky Way,
a supernova that lights up my soul.

1999, October


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