Amass your weary needs
and ponder on your cares.
For you’re the one who grieves
and he’s the one who learns.
Though if your ego strains,
dispell his lonesome ways.
Yet if you should refrain,
take heed of what he says.
For learning’s but a task,
that’s if you think that way.
And if books you can grasp,
lead on and let them stay.
And take note of his deeds,
for he is not afraid,
to speak out what he means,
and you can take the bait.
A question you may ask,
but reason with that rage,
For the writer’s got a task,
called writing for your taste.
And if you learn enough,
you may turn the final page.
Yes, the writer’s work is good,
Will you be one some day?

1972, August


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