The Longest Road

The following morning, they came running
along the longest road.
To seek the sun and all it’s worth,
like bliss to be desired.
Fly so high to reach the stars
and greet the coming day.
Tell them all of life beyond
and help them on their way.
Keep the light and let it shine
for a future once untold.
When warriors came with shining swords
And barons were so bold.
And all the people of the land
came round to take their share.
Like fire and sun are born to you,
unto the sacred heir.
When mist was rising to the hills
without the slightest sound.
And trees were swaying in the breeze
for many miles around.
Had those warriors a man so strong
to really part the tide.
Or rise up from the morning sun
to give them back their pride.
Or can you catch their sacred dance
along the longest road.
And seek the freedom of your mind
and tell all those untold.
Release those forces from within
and let yourself unwind.
Take your song to the highest pitch,
They’ll give you all their time.
Or really make your mind go wild
And show the world you know.
Like warriors and the morning sun
along the longest road.

1972, June


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