Somewhere Special

Let’s go somewhere special
To just me and you.
Be safer than Berlin,
Or a slippy slope in Looe!

Start with a coast walk.
A nice easy stroll.
Perhaps Scarborough to Whitby
Will make a good goal.

Then on down to Cornwall,
Where sea mists delight!
Then over Sharp Edge
To give you a fright.

Musbury Heights is for winter.
Don’t let that knee lock!
And Nerja means summer.
You won’t find it too hot.

Must cross to America,
But watch out for bears.
Hill paths of Pollensa
And snakes in their lairs.

Dark forests mean Mull
And midges that bite.
For rivers it’s Roeburndale.
We’ll wade, it’s alright!

Ropey bridges of Bovec,
That shake at our feet.
Mad dogs in Sorrento
That pounce when we meet!

But best is Madeira,
‘Cause those levada’s delight.
Then candlelit dinners
To get over the frights

2010, February


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