Shades Of Desire

With wine, she’s in black.
Stockings, stiletto’s,
Basque laced up the back.
Lips painted cruel,
Claws long and sharp.
Her desire is to rule,
Bind up my heart.

Promenading, she’s peach,
Floaty, and flirty,
And just out of reach.
With deportment demure
And a twirl that’s devine,
Oh, to squeeze her hand tightly,
Show the world that she’s mine.

To do battle, she’s blue,
Dominant in denim
And itching to duel.
Tickling and teasing
And straddling me tight.
Dismissing my safe word,
She just wants to fight!

For the ball she’s in mauve,
Satins and chiffons
Pool down to her toes.
A bodice exquisite,
A cleavage devine,
I crave to embrace her,
Draw her body to mine.

Closed curtains, she’s red,
When moist, ruby lips
Pout ‘take me to bed.’
She caresses with kisses,
Satiates with demands,
Delights dormant senses
With teeth, tongue and hands.

In dreams, she’s in white,
Innocent, angelic,
Like our first special night.
She sparkles with diamonds,
Sapphires and pearls.
Every part of her special
For me, she’s my world!

2008, October


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