Essex Girl

With a Givenchy glide
And a twirl of pearls.
No one struts
Like an Essex girl.

In a Gucci gown,
With a Chanel smile.
No one compares
To that Essex style.

From her Jimmy Choo’s
To her Sassoon curl.
Just who fascinates
Like an Essex girl?

A Lancashire lass?
Comes mop in hand.
A Yorkshire rose?
You’ll obey her command.

A Geordie pet?
If you decode her words.
And them Liver birds?
They totter in pairs.

A Somerset girl?
Only tractor rides.
And Glasgow hens?
Black and blue eyes.

But a Brummie belle?
Well, I guess she’ll swear.
So, what’s it take
To make an Essex girl?

Bit of twinset charm,
Touch of Burberry chic.
But my Southend siren?
Nude! Just a rose in her teeth!

2012, October


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