Country Girls

‘Come scrumping fat apples in Hatfield Peverel.’
Such an offer
From Sarah Parkinson-Aitkin.
‘Kiss my rosy red cheeks, ride my sturdy wide shoulders,
And see what delights
Are yours for the taking!’

‘Come tickling shy trout in Charlton Mackerell.’
Such a dextrous finger
Has Camilla Dickinson-Knight.
‘First I will tease it, then I will trap it.’
Oh! How you wriggle
My slippy little sprite!’

‘Come filching fine cake in Monkton Deverill.’
Such indulgent sin
With Amelia Robinson-Berry.
I lung at the tart, her cravings are fruity.
She licks off the cream.
I suck on the cherry.

‘Come poaching fair game in Frampton Cotterell.’
Such bushcraft skill
Has Olivia Murchison-Vicar.
A stag in her sights! ‘Streuth! Fit to be mounted!’
She caresses the butt
Then squeezes the trigger.

2011, April


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